D3 Allstars – Sunday Dub EP (Vinyl Only MSR021)

The creative collective D3 Allstars premieres on Machine Soul Records with a vinyl release that stands out. Psychedelic dub electronica with an organic twist of live bass, djembe and juice harp, accompanied by a steady groove that will take you on a deep inner journey – enjoy!

Out on Vinyl Only November 05 2018.

The EP is available for order in vinyl stores worldwide:

Distributed by DBH-Music

Written by Mårten Attling, Jeff Virgo, Robert Folkesson
Produced by:…

Djane Tesla – Reflection – Eighties Nature & Machine Soul 6 AM Remixes (MSR020)

Djane Teslas stompin dirty original house stormer Reflection gets a charming 80s overhaul by brilliant synth kid Eighties Nature.

The Machine Souls remix goes left field with a slow but irresistible 808 groove. Where that first sun light at 6AM shines through melancholic synth lines and a broken piano, swirling in the last smoke from the smoke machine…

Available in all major stores:


Mårten Attling – Love Is Blind EP (MSR018)

One of Swedens true house and techno originators Mårten Attling makes an eagerly awaited comeback and debut on Machine Soul Records with this three track EP.

The percussion ridden Love Is Blind is the title track – a really deep and groovy sunset/morning friendly affair with a spine chilling vocal breakdown.

The Trumpet song takes on a more jazzy twist with some top class live trumpet over a solid house beat and swirling synth/voice lines.

Feel the vibe takes you deeper underground,…

GringosCat – Get Lost – Remixes by Djane Tesla, GringosCat, Ebar, NiiNa & Indicant plus Antares Guerena (MSR015)

GringosCat excellent debut ‘Get Lost’ on Machine Soul Records’ gets some serious remix treatment from around the globe:
First up is a dubby, seriously groovy and very nice remix from German artist Djane Tesla.
Next up is an irresistible dance floor filler by the man himself – the GringosCat Want To Dance Remix.
Brooklyn/Bali:s finest then takes over and delivers two great remixes: Veteran music purveyor Ebar gives us his anthem version of the track – followed by the infectious ear worm…

DALVIK – Black Hole Funk EP (MSR014)

Black Hole Funk EP is the third release from DALVIK on Machine Soul Records.

The EP starts of with house groovy dance floor shaker “Dark Stranger” – an irresistible drum machine fiesta bound to make you move. “A Galaxy In My Head” is space funk-house of the finest sort. We´re pretty sure that if this track doesn’t move you then you haven’t got a pulse.
“Burning House” increases the tempo sliding into Techno territory – think a 90s rave with todays…

S I N E S T E S I A – Los Calores (MSR013)

S I N E S T E S I A debuts on Machine Soul Records with two beautiful creations of minimalistic pleasure; Gambling Hammerhead has a really groovy and almost dreamlike feel to it – Los Calores goes into bordering-on-techno-territory with its driving beat and modulated, swaying synth lines reminiscing John Carpenter film scores from the 80s but sounding here and now.

Available in all major stores:


GringosCat – Get Lost (MSR012)

GringosCat debuts on Machine Soul Records with the super deep and slow house love affair ‘Get Lost’. Oozing of class with its hypnotizing beat and swirly vocal – reminiscing old Chicago House chords it manages to sound both here and now and deeply rooted in history.

Available in all major stores:


Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/get-lost/1849887

JunoDownload: http://www.junodownload.com/artists/Gringoscat/releases/