adj ; abyssal, bottomless, broad, far, profound, unfathomable, wide, yawning ; abstract, abstruse, arcane, esoteric, hidden, mysterious, obscure, recondite, secret ; acute, discerning, learned, penetrating, sagacious, wise ; artful, astute, canny, cunning, designing, devious, insidious, knowing, scheming, shrewd ; extreme, grave, great, intense, profound, serious (informal) unqualified ; absorbed, engrossed, immersed, lost, preoccupied, rapt ; (of a colour) dark, intense, rich, strong, vivid ; (of a sound) bass, booming, full-toned, low, low-pitched, resonant, sonorous

Pink Thang by Karl von Karton

New Machine Soul Records release Pink Thang by Karl von Karton is out now available in all major stores – get it while its hot!…/a…/pink-thang-single/id1024155233 Pink Thang is the perfect backdrop for a sun drenched terrace 2 PM or a great start of your evening set with its hypnotizing beat, beautiful melodies and […]

Whizzbanger EP by Yarni – Remix by The Machine Soul

We are very proud to present the Whizzbanger EP – the first release on Machine Soul Records from Sheffield based DJ, multi-instrumentalist and producer Yarni. The title song Whizzbanger is a hypnotising, genre defying synth and beats feast perfect for sending a hedonistic dance floor into frenzy early in the morning. Dummy Run is a […]

Signature K by Karl von Karton – Remix by The Machine Soul

Signature K is the first release on Machine Soul Records from Belgian based house music connoisseur, surfer of water and clouds and Euro citizen: Karl von Karton. The original version is a classy up-tempo house banger with a pumping bass and a liquid floating vibe with intriguing vocal effects. The Machine Soul Remix lowers the […]

The Machine Soul – MoodSwings

The Machine Soul – MoodSwings – available now for download on Beatport, Spotify, JunoDownload, ITunes et al:

The Machine Soul – Don’t Stop (MSR 001) forthcoming on Machine Soul Records

  Don’t Stop is the first release from The Machine Soul – aka Machine Soul Records own label honcho Robert Folkesson. With a deep, organic, layered bass line on top of a steady house groove, topped with some nice swirling vocals and beautiful, dubby synth chords, Don’t Stop has both dance floor and chill out […]